Goa, Camarines Sur

Owning a home can give a person a sense of pride and freedom.

This is the reason why we built Johnville Subdivision, a place where one can proudly say “this is my home”.

Often times when people ask us about our address, whether we like it or not, this will give an impact to us or it reflects of who we are. We become who we are, because of where we come from.

Many of us are searching for a place where we can have a good and peaceful life with our loved ones. We are looking for a place where we can identify ourselves with the rest of the crowd—we want to be part of the community. Johnville Subdivision is the perfect place for you.

Enjoy the following amenities:

• Landscaped Main Entrance Gate
• 6.5 to 12 meters wide road network
• Concrete roads, concrete curbs and gutters
• Underground drainage system
• Basketball court
• CASURECO Electrical facilities
• Centralized water district with overhed tank
• Multi function hall
• Trees along road network
• Concrete sidewalk (main project)
• Perimeter fence for exclusivity and security
• Located just beside the new Municipal Hall

At Johnville Subdivision, you can hold your head up high.

Because Johnville Subdivision is a place you can proudly call your home.